Adequate Housing and Habitat Program

Mwanza Rural Housing Programme (MRHP) in partnership with SIDA/WE EFFECT is currently implementing the project named as Advancing Participation of Women and Young People in Cooperative Housing (AP-WYCOH).
This project is a phase II project that is implemented for five years between Jan 2018 and Dec 2022.

Project specific objective (AP-WYCOH) is:

Women and young people accessing the right to adequate housing through housing cooperatives in Misungwi and Nyamagana Districts by 2022

Key focus areas of AP-WYCOH project:
  • Women and young people rights /Gender Equality : rights to land and adequate housing through cooperatives
  • Promotion of eco – friendly cooperative housing model, and dissemination of appropriate building technologies
  • Leadership development with emphasis of sensitizing women and young people taking up leaderships
  • Facilitate access to affordable housing finance mechanisms for men, women and young people
  • Risk mitigation for members, and
  • Networking at regional, national and local level.
Target group.

Total number of direct beneficiaries for this project phase are expected to be 21,102, of whom 12,661 are women and 8,441 are men. It is estimated that, the total indirect beneficiaries will be 106,510 wit estimated average of 5 family members per household. Focus of the project is to have more women participation in project activities related to advancing women land rights and adequate housing.